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Motion design has leveled up. Raw Ego now also designs interactive 2D or 3D animated modules that fit every website. Be it as a standalone experience or linked to a database animating live information. The perfect way to show your product, journey or concept with more depth in an even more captivating way.

This new service has been made possible by WebGL, a technology present in every browser. Visual programming bridges have made it possible to unlock traditional animation techniques common in 2d and 3d programs to be used interactively.

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This example was made for Ree Projects luxury bags to promote model Helene. In absence of real showrooms we created this virtual showroom. Originally made for a promotional video and 3d modelled by Raw Ego from the actual patterns. Once the assets are there it's easy to translate to an interactive version. Orbit around the bag to get a better look of it and select the swatches to see the color options for the bag.

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Continuing the ''so many more uses of your assets''. Here we see a Saeco coffee machine originally used to create 3d illustrations for promotional print work. We can freely orbit around but also select predefined camera positions to show interesting parts. Three different animation can be played and play with the obligatory change of color. 

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Whenever I get the chance I will use myself as a guinea pig. Looks I am checking out the site here. You can use your mouse and take over control! Use the panel to let me speak for a bit. Yes, we can also link sound to animation. It further shows that these techniques are not only usable in 3D but work marvelously in 2D too. It's even possible to use after effects animations in these compositions.

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Another example of user input and how it can be manipulated to create 3D motion design. The input can be live like here but also originate from other places like a database, a simple excel file or retrieved from another website.


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Databases sound complicated but an excel file can be a database too. That is what is used here. A list of shops around the world and where they are located. The positions are calculated and placed on the earth sphere and rolling over the dots reveals the name of the shop. Shops can be added or removed from the excel and the module will be automatically updated to reflect it.

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Create artwork on your site that is always up to date and can be changed without the intervention of a designer or programmer.

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