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Virtual robot design and animations

Interactive robotics is a company that provides a platform for schools and healthcare institutions where you can use their social robots to achieve a plethora of goals. Kids in schools can for instance use a 'simple' visual programming language to make them move and say things. This is of course uber cool but the amount of these, very expensive robots, are limited.

That is why they developed a virtual version so everybody can program a robot and play with it. The same programs can be used on the real bots. This is where we come in to apply that slick robot design and add a library of funky moves. From simple gestures to dancing a Macarena.

It neatly fits with our webGL experience where we create interactive animations. We created a skeleton that is compliant with the idiosyncrasies of web 3D. And where most characters are bendy this robot is of course hard surface. Not the standard and just looks better robot movement wise.

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