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Szann's Raw Ego ASEA event

Corona has been devastating for companies that rely on events. One such company is ASEA, a worldwide skincare and wellness products producer. They organize events several times a year for their resellers who flock to these in droves. XO visual concepts, who usually produces these events in real live, asked us to combine forces to produce a virtual version of this happening. The kickoff would be Europe with altered versions for Australia and Mexico following shortly after.

The greenscreen shoot, streaming and website was handled by XO. Our challenge was to make the show elements. This consisted of a leader, countdowns, bumpers and the actual presentations. These had to fit with the corporate identity they just rebranded. Designing and producing moving content to a style manual is our bread and butter, so this, although fun, did not pose a challenge. The hardcore part were the presentations on the stages. This is purely due to the length of them. The event was a day long with presentations taking up between 15 and 45 minutes. A massive amount of content to create.

We designed five stages, four that matched the strategic themes ASEA has and an extra one for awards. With the stages in place it was time to fill them. Adding cameras, lighting and the greenscreen shots of the presenters. To keep things interesting (some talks can be a bit long winded) we wanted to have the scenes fully 3d so that we could make interesting camera moves to keep things alive and dynamic. We tried out several 3d packages, renderers and even a game-engine or two. (so much potential but for now a no-go) Finally decided to go with Blenders Eevee for it's unbelievable speed, quality, flexibility and also important, simplicity.

It was a massive undertaking to get this one done. More so because Covid also hit Raw Ego in the middle of production. But we knew it was possible and with the endless patience of XO we made it happen. The events were a success for ASEA and reached thousands of people via the private streams.

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