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RAW EGO - Interactive Animation in your Website

Raw Ego has a brand spanking new service. It's now possible to make animation interactive and play with it in real time. Pretty amazing and heaps of fun if I say so myself.

It's online game technology that can be used for interactive customer journeys, 3d product configurators, e-learning, walkthroughs but also interactive motion graphics.

Interactivity is about linking data to your graphics. It can be simple like the position of your mouse or a scroll bar but also be a link to a database or an excel file to make wonderful rich and dynamically driven animations.

WebGL, the core technology, has been hiding in your mobile and desktop for more than 10 years. It has evolved into bulletproof tech with an insane amount of possibilities.

Previously only for programmers, the ecosystem around WebGL has been evolving. New standards and visual programming intermediaries now make the puzzle pieces complete to be accessible for content creators.

WebGL is a web-techniques so will integrate flawlessly with any website and plays nice with other online platforms and libraries. Surely it is big to download or heavy to play? Nope, 3d files are very lightweight and play on your graphics card for optimal throughput.

It is a extensive subject. If you want to hear more or how it can apply to your projects give me a call or drop me a line. The future is now!

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