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RAW EGO does BVO BETER for The Family

Bijgewerkt op: 3 mrt. 2022

Agency the Family asked us to execute their BVO concept for 12 typographic animations.

BVO is an organization for in person training and education aimed at businesses. It is a pretty old institute but not widely known. Typographic animations to the rescue. The concept was to make the word Better the central theme to act out the most important aspects of the BVO learning goals.

These animations required a lot of by hand work to make all the illustrations transition seamlessly. Merging or splitting pieces or organically morphing from freeform lines to harsh straight edge. All very minimalistic so no room for error.

The campaign was aimed at the socials so an added complication is to make the animations look good at widely different formats. 16x9 does not automatically look good at 1:1 or the dreaded 9x16. Say what you will about Facebook but we like 5x4 a lot better than the 16x9 format.

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