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RAW EGO does a deep dive into Pricewise

Pricewise, who doesn't know them by now? A comparison site and a highly successful one at that. So successful even that they felt confident enough to white label their brand. Some organizations are so big that they offer all sorts of benefits to their members. The services of Pricewise fit perfectly with large consumer organizations. In the effort of informing these groups, Pricewise leads the conversation with this animated information bomb.

Although the goal of the movie is to move corporations to the white label there was still a need for Pricewise to be recognizable. It's a strong brand and without this, it could lower any reservations a client could possibly have. This is also true for the history of Pricewise, which would not be unbecoming in a silicon valley success story.

To make these got-to-haves a reality, the first thing we did was keeping the color palette strictly to the main Pricewise colors. Sounds obvious but it is oh so tempting to enhance them. Furthermore, we created a little Pricewise world in the shape of… yeah that's right, the Pricewise emblem. To glue it together even more, we created characters of the two founders. They escort us throughout the movie. We love to create quirky characters. We love motion graphics too of course but can be a bit cold. There is a place for that but adding a little human makes your movie instant likable. And yes you see correctly, the characters basic shape is the logo too. Logos everywhere, whooo.

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