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Bijgewerkt op: 3 mrt. 2022

We have been working with the Hamsta crew for 5 years now and it has been a blast. With this unofficial anniversary we return to everyone's favorite Hamsta Mila Sunrise. Her previous singalong spoof was something of a hit with 2 million views and solidified the Hamsta fan base.

This time Sia's Chandelier is being mocked by the Hamsta's. Mila is bouncing around in her hamster ball and knocks everyone and everything upside down in slow-motion before she literally shoots up to the moon. Those crazy Hamsta's...

To make this happen we created a corkscrew path in 3d on which we animated the camera giving the feeling of being tumbled around like one of the unfortunate Hamsta's. Around this we positioned the illustrations on planes and animated them slightly for the slow motion feel.

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