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Raw Ego and a virtual Efteling

De Efteling is very engaged with their personnel. The world is changing fast and people are concerned about what their job will look like in the future. How their surroundings will change. To start a constructive conversation, de Efteling asked us to create a VR installation to address these topics.

That immediately raised some red flags with us because VR is a very solitary experience. Not really a social medium. But… it can be. VR comes in two flavours, 360 video or game engine. Cool thing about game engines is that you can make it multiplayer and that is exactly what we did. Creating a knights of the round table setup for up to 8 people.

The table, that was actual and virtual at the same time, acted as a stage for all the animations and people could see each other as avatars. On the stage little scenes would play out a host of different situations relevant to the hot topics.

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