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Dubai Parks

Dubai parks and resorts is a new amusement park in Dubai. Sorry I’m underplaying it. This is Dubai. Everything is bigger and better. These are four interconnected amusement parks! Motiongate is movie based themed by Sony and Dreamworks. Oh and a bunch of smurfs, they have their own village. Next to that a full blown legoland. A huge Bollywood themed park and a complete town with hotels, shopping and an actual river. In the middle of the desert people! Madness haha.

Our job was to link all of this together and present it in a neat package to be presented at the Arabian Travel Market event to pre-sell packages to travel agencies. But, and it is a bit but, the whole thing was not ready yet. Besides that there was going to be so much good stuff to do it was next to impossible to choose what to show. What we did was to make little islands to make little themed collections. This way we could show a bunch of stuff while still being fun and keep the pace up. We still needed 20 islands. The whole thing is introduced and presented by the two mascottes Luna and Nova to glue all the islands together.

Okay, what we had to deal with input-wise was an artist impression map and a larger than life CAD file, with again, blank spots. A huge challenge to our improvisation skills to get any coherence and still invoke excitement. The final piece was projected in a very fun way. The foreground was projected on a see through screen and the background on a opaque screen. A really nice real life parallax effects.

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