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AH Assortment

Bijgewerkt op: 24 apr. 2020

Every day the buyers of AH are on a mission impossible. Their job is to arrange the assortment for up to 100.000 products for 1000 AH branches. And this is the Netherlands. That makes it even more complicated. Not a lot of space for anything. Many different buildings. Ranging from tiny to humongous visited by very diverse groups of people demanding ever more sorts of products.

To support the buyers with this crazy combination of factors Albert Heijn devised software to help the buyers with this insane task. Predictions and advice added to the invaluable good old gut feeling. Yes, up until now the task of assorting was still human brain work. So to introduce this modern wonder to the buyers we made this little movie to ease them into the idea of working in tandem with the software.

This nice and clean motion designed movie was commissioned by Jungle Minds and was created in the record time of 3 days. Narrow cooperation between client, PM, copy, art and the Raw Ego made that possible. As always we used a combination of 2 and 3d animation and even created a little character for Mr. Heijn, haha. Always make room for fun stuff eh!

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