• Sander Lipmann

Lawyers unite! The best place to get your fresh pack of Lawyers. It's a bit more involved than that so we made a movie to explain it. In this kickoff for the startup the visuals are abstract metaphors to the voice over gliding from one image to the other... Er, that sentence was a bit abstract also... Just check it out, you'll see what I mean.

The fun peeps at Epidemie asked me to animate a teaser for the new AKG high-end headphone, the N90Q. Clocking in at a cool $1500, the headphone was developed together with Quincy Jones and was introduced begin this month at the CES, the worlds biggest consumer electronics show. To keep it mysterious we constructed and deconstructed the bugger only to reveal it in it's full glory at the very end.

Oh and ps, blood boiling good sound design by Audentity.

  • Sander Lipmann

Cape Rock is the illest broadcast branding agency in the bizz and we have been working together a lot lately. One of their clients is JIM, a music station for Belgium peeps and Cape Rock have been rebranding the shit out of them. So a bunch of programs were in need of new leaders and they asked me to do three of those. Production time was a bit limited, as it always is with fun projects. One week from begin to end for each of the leaders.

First one is Massive Morning Music, a, you guessed it, morning show. The second one Massive Midday Music an afternoon show. Thematically linked they needed to have the same look. We wanted to depict a massive rush hour.

As everybody knows you take a plane in the morning and public transport in the afternoon. You don't? Come on man, get with the program...