• Sander Lipmann

For some time now Raw Ego has added Houdini 3d to its arsenal of tools. This insanely flexible software is a real powerhouse with all things visual and animation. Well, way more than a 3d program if you ask me.

One aspect of it is that it can be linked to a database. I wanted to make a new year greeting so I linked an excel containing a bunch of first names, email addresses and a list of wishes. I also made a few backgrounds and let the software make random combinations of these.

What is great about the software that it is procedural. That means that it can process data by rules you create. But you can change the rules while it is going through stuff. Nice! So I made it automatically create a layout and let it recognize every single letter to create vines growing through each of them.

Rendered each greeting out in its own folder and made a rule to give it the name of the guy or girl. Then made Houdini import these results and composite a background to it. Done. Oh no wait, added a rule to make gifs out of the separate images and put every gif in an email. All in one program! Quite scary to push that process button, haha.

Personalizing is the future and too much fun. It makes databases a creative tool for designers.

  • Sander Lipmann

I was blown away by the fact that there is a Dutch company that shoots satellites into space. Well, when I began this project it was still a dream but now that I write this text there are already two of those big boys in space. Not that big really, they are like serious shoebox size.

But the satellites are just a means to an end. The real product is the data connection to extreme and remote parts of the world. For buoys at sea or expeditions on Antarctica like in the movie. You know, exciting and dangerous places.

The project started out by making illustrations based on the 3D CAD models. Like it is almost always the case these CAD models are incomplete because of complexity or secrecy. So we use our brain to make the most logical solutions to make it look natural and professional.

When the 3d model is looking good shape wise the materials and textures are made. This is again a challenge when there is no real product yet soyou have to improvise and do some investigating to find some real world examples.

Last step is lighting and yes again you are confronted with a conundrum. There is only one light in space and it is the brightest light imaginable which makes it look ugly. Like a lot of times we don't want real realism but something that looks real while looking good. Now we have a nice illustration.

But now we have these supercool assets. Almost a shame to not use them for other communications. Of course, let's make some animations.

The movie was made to create continuing support for the project by everyone involved and make the whole idea a more visual experience. That is because developing the product is quite abstract and secretive. Also the launch, place in space and even the receivers on earth are all in unreachable places. That’s the whole point really. To have a nice animated movie is no luxury then.

  • Sander Lipmann

Every day the buyers of AH are on a mission impossible. Their job is to arrange the assortment for up to 100.000 products for 1000 AH branches. And this is the Netherlands. That makes it even more complicated. Not a lot of space for anything. Many different buildings. Ranging from tiny to humongous visited by very diverse groups of people demanding ever more sorts of products.

To support the buyers with this crazy combination of factors Albert Heijn devised software to help the buyers with this insane task. Predictions and advice added to the invaluable good old gut feeling. Yes, up until now the task of assorting was still human brain work. So to introduce this modern wonder to the buyers we made this little movie to ease them into the idea of working in tandem with the software.

This nice and clean motion designed movie was commissioned by Jungle Minds and was created in the record time of 3 days. Narrow cooperation between client, PM, copy, art and the Raw Ego made that possible. As always we used a combination of 2 and 3d animation and even created a little character for Mr. Heijn, haha. Always make room for fun stuff eh!